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Whether your IG account has little or no Instagram followers, you can still reach a wider audience by working with the right influencer. If you want to grow your Instagram page, you need more followers. But how can you get more likes and views on your Instagram posts? We’ve got some tips to help you get started on the right foot. To maintain a clean reputation and avoid suspensions on Instagram, you'll need to combat any suspicious activities as soon as they start. The services that provide fake likes and followers can get you banned from this platform, so ensure your account's security.



This fact indicates that all of these users can be converted into the stable source of high income due to Instagram marketing. "Instagram moderators say Iran offered them bribes to remove accounts". On March 11, 2022, Russia announced it would ban Instagram due to alleged "calls for violence against Russian troops" on the platform during the ongoing 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. On March 14, the ban took effect, with almost 80 million users losing access to Instagram.



To attract your ideal clients, you need to know how to optimize not only your posts with hashtags but also your profile. This is what makes printing photos and creating photo books a great way to make money on Instagram. Every December, the famous coffee company encourages customers to take photos of their coffees for a prize. Partner up with other influencers to help spread the word about your products. Firstly, you need to identify a brand with an affiliate program that you’re interested in working with. This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.



Live badges are also a newer feature; it’s a concept taken from Twitch and TikTok. Instagram Live badges are tips you can receive during a live broadcast. Most people understand that being an Influencer would bring many advantages to their life. Not just for making money but also for having more people adore and support them. Getting famous on social networks can be considered as an achievement in your life since, in some ways, it would lead you to your dream life.



Read more about buy likes on instagram here. Instagram IGTV allows your brand to connect and interact with followers in real time. Being an Instagram ‘influencer’ is one way to make money from the platform. Kus, who has partnered with brands such as Land Rover, Getty and LG, suggests considering such partnerships as you curate your feed. Don’t take them all from the same angle, consider using a ‘colour theme’ and think about the filters you’re using and what they say about you and your work. Add carefully curated behind-the-scenes or ‘work in progress’ posts to show your personality and make users feel they are getting unique insight. Today, more and more Instagram influencers are following Glossier’s footsteps.



Trackable links can be long, so it’s recommended you use a link-shortening service like bitly.com to make your link more pleasing to the eye. Try hosting a giveaway on your page to generate customer interest. Ask giveaway entrants to follow your Instagram profile to enter, or ask them to tag friends to create a viral effect. Make sure to follow Instagram's promotion guidelines if you host a giveaway or contest. Doing this will encourage users to respond, which curates interest in your content.



When users follow brands on Instagram, they come to expect a certain pattern. Many businesses dedicate days of the week to certain topics and post accordingly. These kinds of accounts are working to remain consistent, and it helps greatly with engagement and growth. Choose a popular niche, and do your magic with attracting followers and then offer the account for sale.



For instance, when you reach the 10,000 mark, you can add that cherished swipe-up link to your Instagram Stories. Your bio needs to tell users who you are, what you do, and to show your personality. As Instagram is a visual platform, an out of focus, grainy profile picture will not do.



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